Trench Wheels


Standing water produced by heavy rains will destroy a good crop if not drained quickly. However, using heavy equipment to form runoff trenches creates huge ruts that can cause damage to spraying and harvest equipment.

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Steel Trench Wheels on ATV

Save your crop by converting your ATV or UTV into a ditching machine!

Just bolt the Trench Wheels to your ATV  and drive through wet areas, making V-shaped trench tracks to drain surface water and save your crop. Track depth is partially dependent upon the weight of the vehicle and operator. Deeper trenches can be achieved by simply retracing your tracks. Retrace tracks by driving forward or driving through wet areas and then shifting into reverse and backing out. Deeper trench tracks can also be made by driving to the right or left of the original tracks, retracing with wheels on one side of the ATV.

Steel Trench Wheels on UTV


Q: How big are the steel wheels?
A: The 28 inch diameter steel Trench Wheels are 1 1/2 inch wide on perimeter and flair to 3 inches wide in the center. Steel Trench Wheels are 55 lbs each.

Q: How do the steel wheels work?
A: The outside of the wheel are convex like a farm disk tillage blade,
which does two important things:

1. As the trench gets pushed deeper, the wheel’s convex sides pack the trench sides outward. Depending on soil conditions, this can keep the trenches open to drain water all year.

2. The convex sidewalls make a trench with no ridge along the edge. This lets the water pour right into the trench.

Q: Can I drive over the trenches in the field?
A: Yes, the trenches can be crossed with sprayers, trucks etc without a bump, during harvest, you can shave the ground, combine beans with a flexhead with no damage to the flexhead sickle parts.

Q: How long do the trenches last?
A: Depending on soil type and field conditions, the trenches can remain in the field all summer, giving you a pattern to follow with ditch scrapers in fall ditching activities.

Steel Trench Wheels Trench


Pneumatic Trench Wheels

Pneumatic Trench Wheels

The 4″ pneumatic tires are a great solution for softer soil types and heavier UTVs. The Pneumatic Wheels are 27-inches in diameter and weigh 40lbs.