Wil-Rich Tillage

Wil-Rich produces a wide variety of tillage equipment with a reputation for toughness as well as innovation. Wil-Rich makes primary tillage and secondary tillage equipment including chisel plows, and field cultivators.

Primary Tillage:

The 483 Chisel Pro from Wil-Rich is engineered to loosen soil, bury heavy trash, and properly size clods for a smoother field finish. This primary tillage tool is available in cutting widths from 16.25 to 33.75 feet (5-10.3 m).

The floating hitch on the 483 Chisel Pro provides exceptional depth control and ground following capability for use in rolling terrain.

Because the 483 Chisel Pro requires less horsepower (20-30 HP/shank or 15-22 kW) to pull than disc rippers, it can be offered in wider working widths that cover more acres in less time. Plus, no required daily maintenance and season greasing on the disc hubs lets you spend your time in the field instead of the shop.

The Award-Winning Wil-Rich 657 DCR (Disc, Chisel) is the outstanding performer for today’s farmer. The 657 DCR is available with a hydraulic depth control cutting gang. The 20 inch diameter cutting blades can be your choice of smooth blades, for slicing residue, allowing more residue to remain on top soil. Or concave blades, slicing and mixing residue with soil for blacker top soil. For mixing and breaking the soil, you have the options of chisel plow shanks or a combination of chisel plow shanks followed by deep till shank.

Wil-Rich 2500 Series Chisel Plow. Wil-Rich made the frame of the 2500 Series Chisel Plow deeper front to rear to improve the trash flow associated with increased residues from today’s higher yielding crops. The deeper frame also gives the frame added overall strength. By moving to a common frame design, Wil-Rich has also made it easier for you to get the chisel plow you want, whether it’s a level lift or floating hitch. By increasing the tube wall thickness from ¼-inch to ⅜-inch in key areas on the 2500 Series Chisel Plow, Wil-Rich has doubled the amount of steel, creating a better all-around chisel plow!

Secondary Tillage:

The Wil-Rich QX2 is the ideal line of field cultivators for rugged and hilly conditions, thanks to the Wil-Rich Floating Hitch design. Front castering gauge wheels assist in precise depth from front to rear of unit for better seedbed preparation. 
A rigid hitch cultivator can gouge at the top of hills or uneven terrain. The Wil-Rich Floating Hitch design allows the unit to follow varying ground contours without causing ground gouging, and without causing undue stress or flexing to the frame.
•floating hitch
•13′ main frame


Wil-Rich offers a full line of Rolling Packers to match your primary and secondary tillage tools. Wil-Rich Rolling Packers are available in either solid round bar or flat bar configurations in widths from 15 to 56 feet. Round bar packers are best suited for spring tillage where clod busting and seedbed firming are the primary objectives. Flat bar packers are primarily used in fall conditions to remove dirt from root balls and bring crop residue into contact with soil to aid decomposition. Rear hitches, hydraulic extension packages and light kit extension packages are available for most Wil-Rich tools to accommodate a Rolling Packer.