Amazone Tillage


Catros+ high speed disc boasts a flexible, high-efficiency design combined with low specific pulling power, ideally suited for cultivation behind tractors in the 210 to 350 hp class. Versatile and fast – prep seed beds in the spring, and mix soil quickly and thoroughly with spring or fall tillage at shallow depths.

As options, 12 different roller types are available, including a knife roller than can be added in front of the discs to cut up residue. Plus, a Crushboard for in front or behind the disc rows is available. Overall, Catros+ is a flexible solution for better mixing, leveling, and crumbling – adaptable to multiple types of soil and crops.

Standard features allow for convenient adjustment from the tractor cab using a hydraulic spool valve, ensuring that the working depth can be flexibly matched to the situation – as shallow as wanted for soil preparation and as deep as needed for burying residue.

A Contour Frame is available so all sections will adapt evenly and independently with the contours of the field. ANd hydraulic folding comes standard for a transport width of less than 10′.