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Seeding: Raven OmniSeed

Raven OmniSeed


Use the power of GPS to put the correct amount of seed, fertilizer, or NH3 in the right place in the field.

Air Seeder Controllers

Rust Sales, Inc. offers air seeder controllers that will use prescription maps to variable rate multiple products as well as document how much product you put down. Precise product placement will maximize your profits while optimizing your input cost.

Precision Seeding Solutions

Rust Sales, Inc. offers precision seeding solutions from Raven (OmniSeed™) and Topcon (System 200 & System 350).

Cold-Flow Systems

Rust Sales, Inc. also offers cold-flow systems from Raven (AccuFlow™ & AccuFlow HP™) and Micro-Trak NH3 Kits (The Liquifier™, The Liqufier Max™, NH3500).


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