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Precise Planting Control

Precise Planter Control: row crop photo


Save on input costs with precise planting control.

Reduce/Eliminate Overlap

One way to decrease input costs is to reduce or eliminate overlap. Using GPS positioning, the controller can map where you have already been, and automatically turn off your planter when you approach a planted area or a no-plant zone. The controller can automatically turn on your planter in unplanted ground. By dividing your planter into smaller sections, you can minimize or eliminate overlap.

Vary Seed/Fertilizer Rate

Another way to reduce input costs is to vary the seed population and/or fertilizer rate depending on the historical yield potential of your field. Rust Sales, Inc. offer’s precision planting solutions from Raven (AccuRow™ and OmniRow™), Topcon (System 200 & System 350), and Micro-Trak (ProPlant™) that will eliminate overlap and allow for variable rate control.

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