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Field Drainage Issues?

Field Drainage Issues?


Rust Sales, Inc. is your drainage and tiling expert offering a full range of products to solve your water issues.Tiling Equipment in field

We sell Ag Data Mapping Solutions software from GK Technology, which allows you to see your field’s topography, and pinpoints drainage deficiencies. You can then design surface or sub-surface drainage solutions.

Surface Drainage:

For surface drainage solutions, we offer earth movers from Ashland and Toreq, the Wolverine ditcher from Elmer’s Manufacturing, and the B.I.L. Box Scraper.

Sub-Surface Drainage:

Install sub-surface drain tile yourself easily with our robust tiling solutions, including the frame-mounted Crary Tile Pro Tile Plow.

Precision Systems:

For accurate control of your tile plow or scraper, utilize a precision laser system or an SD Drain RTK-GPS system. Rust Sales, Inc. distributes water management software for ditching, tiling, and land shaping; and we offer different rugged Panel PC options for your cab.

Rust Sales, Inc. has all the products you need to successfully diagnose and solve your drainage problems.

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