Software / Firmware Updates

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1. When asked “Do you want to run or save this file?” select Run
2. When asked “Do you want to run this software?” select Run
3. Please provide the Rust Sales, Incorporated technician the ID and Password to connect to your computer.

SD Drain Ditch

In SD Drain go to the following:

Settings/Programs/Support/Software Updates

You must be connected to the internet to perform a software update. 



On 3 April 2019 Rust Sales, Inc. received the following information from Hexagon Agriculture:

We are reaching out to inform our customers and partners with the Mojo RTK console and the Mojo RTK base station, to update your software to the firmware version ME3_3824.hex, which is available for download through Friday, April 5, 2019. 

It is extremely important that this update occurs by 11:59 p.m. on 04/05, because after this time, damage to operations could occur due to instabilities and the shutting down of systems.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we are treating this urgently to minimize side effects.

Please contact Rust Sales, Inc. at 701-282-9194 for information on how to get your system updated. 

DAC 7000 & Internal DAC Mini Updates

May 2015: Firmware v0.9.91 (1 click DAC  Adds CANStick functions that help raise and lower tile plows by operating the main and pitch cylinders at the same time.  Adds CANStick buttons.  Adds features to Sweet Spot.  Adds DAC2X-2 and DAC20-2-GYRO support.  Fixes P display bug when P assigned to y.  Fixes bug in PWM output.

May 2015: DACCFG update v1.14 (  Creates userconfig directory to store user defined configs in to prevent overwriting of custom configurations.  Sets default directory to C:\Rust Sales.  If the installer detects a previous installation it will install in that location. Removes non-functional slope features under slope button and replaces them with zero slope functions. Adds fixes to CANStick config screen. Adds “click-to-send-command” list in Terminal screen.  Commands you send to DAC get added to this list, so you can click it to send it again. Also typing “clear” in terminal send text box will clear the terminal screen (just like clicking the [clear] buttons).

DAC CFG v0.90
This adds:

On save DAC config to file, insert run(0) at the top of config.  This prevents previous apps to not run when loading this config unless specified after the run(0).
If DAC config file contains run(102)  and DAC version is <0.9.29 then run(102) is replaced with run(105) when loading into DAC, due to old DACs the CAT Joystick app102 was app105.

Slope screen has a slider for setting P of PID. The top value of slide can be set in a text box at top of slider.

Firmware version 0.9.51
This fixes Joystick app102, Bang-bang problem where joystick down, then release to idle state causes the Up-Output channel (CH1 Green) to output bang-bang signal for about 1 second, causing Up movement on plow.

This fix clears the Bang mode buffer each time the joystick goes to idle state, so no left-over bang-output commands get sent.
This fix is also applied to CAT Joystick apps 105, 106, 107.

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