Services & Support

Rust Sales, Inc. provides a wide variety of Sales, Service, and Parts support. We are dedicated to finding you the right solution for your application, supporting the products we sell, and providing excellent customer service. 

Satellite Predictor

Sunspots can cause issues with GPS reception. Click here to see satellite visibility for GPS GLONASS constellations. 

Phone Support

As of June 1st, 2015, Rust Sales, Inc. implemented pay as you go phone support for Laser, GNSS, and Precision Products. We are taking a cost effective approach and will bill in 10 minute increments. In order to receive this support you must have a current account at Rust Sales, Inc. or have a credit card ready for charge. SD Drain® customers will be asked for their SD Drain® ID located in the settings/program/support tab. SD Drain® users with an active software maintenance plan will not be charged for phone support during normal business hours as this is part of the annual software maintenance package. After-hours  phone support will be charged to all customers at an after hours/weekend rate including SD Drain® users with an active software maintenance plan. 



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Remote Support with TeamViewer

Click on the link below to download TeamViewer for Windows
Team Viewer
1. When asked “Do you want to run or save this file?” select Run
2. When asked “Do you want to run this software?” select Run
3. Please provide the Rust Sales, Incorporated technician the ID and Password to connect to your computer.

Tech working on repairing sprayer