Rental Terms & Conditions

The following is a list of terms & conditions for renting select equipment from Rust Sales, Inc. Please contact our Rental Team for complete information and costs of renting equipment. 

  • Due to the seasonal demand of scrapers, laser systems, and GPS control systems, rental is subject to equipment availability.
  • All rental equipment is subject to the terms specified in the rental contract as supplied by Rust Sales, Inc.
  • The renter must specify the amount of rental time at the time of rental.
  • Payment is due before the equipment leaves Rust Sales.
  • Rust Sales, Inc. must approve additional rental days.
  • If the renter is unable to use the equipment, it is their responsibility to return the equipment immediately, at which time they will be eligible to receive a refund for the unused rental days.
  • Renters will not be subject to rental fees for approved travel time to and from Rust Sales, Inc.
  • Any conditions which prevent the use of the equipment must be reported to Rust Sales, Inc. immediately and approved by Rust Sales, Inc. in order to receive an extension of rental time; otherwise, charges will be applied for the additional days.
  • It is the responsibility of the renter to return equipment in the same condition and appearance as it was when received.  Scrapers that have excessive mud and dirt must be cleaned and washed off by the renter.
  • Scrapers not cleaned and washed will be subject to a clean-up fee to be charged at Rust Sales, Inc. shop labor charge.
  • Scrapers must be greased daily. Rust Sales, Inc. must approve any repairs.
  • Delivery and pickup of equipment is available at an additional charge.
John Deere tractor pulling Ashland I-130 scraper