Rental Frequently Asked Questions
If I first rent equipment, will the rent apply if I decide to purchase?

Yes, but only if we know ahead of time that you are interested in a rent-to-purchase agreement. Some units are not for sale. This way, we can get you equipment that is for sale, and you will know exactly what the cost of the purchase is before the rent starts.

Is the renter required to provide proof of insurance for the equipment rental?

Yes, Rust Sales, Inc. requires the renter to provide full insurance coverage before the rent period starts. Normally, a fax or email from the renter’s insurance company indicating the equipment is insured for the replacement value will provide the necessary proof of insurance.

When do I pay for the rent of the equipment?

Rust Sales, Inc. requires the renter to pay for the intended rent up front.  If the renter decides to extend the rental period, the renter must let Rust Sales, Inc. know the rental period is being extended.  When the equipment is returned, the renter will pay the additional rent due.

How many hydraulic outlets do I need for a scraper/gps system or a scraper/laser system?

Three. The scraper needs two and the laser hydraulic mast needs one. One additional outlet is required for an Automatic Laser System (Four total for automatic with laser, three for automatic with GPS control as no hydraulic mast is used.)

Are Laser systems hard to understand and use?

We don’t think so. You need to determine the proper grade to dial into the laser, which is obtained by a simple survey of the ditch. Our Stabilaser Trailer has a great Grade Calculator Decal to assist you in determining the grade. The hydraulic masts have a 60 or 72 inch stroke with foot and tenths grade markings. This allows you to survey the ditch from the comfort of your tractor. After you have set the ditch depth and grade, you simply drive the length of the ditch to its opposite end. If everything is set-up properly the scraper will show an ON GRADE GREEN LIGHT with the blade set on the ground at the final survey point

Is an SD Drain® GPS machine control system hard to understand and use?

No, but like any new software there is a learning curve.  Once you get the basic operating knowledge, you will notice an increase in efficiency.

How much more efficient is an SD Drain® system over a conventional laser system?

We have been told by customers that it is at least twice as efficient as a laser system.

What conditions affect my Laser efficiency when working on my farm drainage?

For lasers, the biggest problem is wind.  High wind causes the transmitter to shake, which causes beam bouncing.  Other conditions include hot weather, which causes Scintillation or heat waves bouncing the beam.  Rain, snow, and haze can also affect the accuracy and distance with a laser.

What conditions may affect my GPS efficiency?

We see that certain periods of the year at certain times of the day have low satellites. Usually this is a temporary condition and corrects after 10-20 minutes.  There needs to be at least five satellites used in the vertical solution to achieve good accuracy.  Other conditions known to affect GPS accuracy are related to space weather, high solar flare activity, bad base correction, hardware failures, or untrained users.  Typically, RTK GPS is still better than lasers for minimizing drainage down time. We also like to see that the RTK Base is located within two miles of the RTK GPS Rover.  This assures better quality data.

If I rent a laser, are there any attachments I need to buy?

Yes, if you are not renting our scraper with a laser, you will need to buy a hydraulic mast mount and support receivers that are welded to your scraper. Call for price.

John Deere tractor pulling Ashland I-130 scraper