Rust Sales, Inc. can provide you with the ag water management rental solution you need.

Do you have a project that you are considering using rental equipment for or to try it out before you buy?

Rust Sales, Inc. rents water management, drainage, and ag tiling equipment, subject to equipment availability and seasonal demand.

Rental Equipment Line Up

Our Rental Terms & Conditions.

Rental FAQs will provide answers to your questions.

Delivery & Pick Up:

  • Renters may pick up their equipment at Rust Sales, Inc.  Please call ahead to ensure equipment is in stock and available. Full rental payment is due before equipment leaves Rust Sales, Inc.
  • Rust Sales, Inc. will deliver rental equipment for a fee within our service area.  Please call for estimate.  Full rental payment is due before equipment leaves Rust Sales, Inc.
  • Renters are responsible for supplying hitches for transport, including clevis hitch for scrapers, and 2″ ball hitch for laser trailers.
  • Rust Sales, Inc. will not provide transport hitches.

Advantages to Renting Equipment:

  • You don’t have to pay the full cost of the asset up front, so you don’t use up cash or have to borrow money.
  • Access to a higher standard of equipment, which may be too expensive to buy outright.
  • You pay for the asset over the fixed period of time that you use it, which helps budget for the future.
  • The business can usually deduct the full cost of lease rentals from taxable income.
  • If you only plan to use the equipment once, then renting is the obvious choice for both convenience and value.  Rental is also a handy option if you have storage limitations.

John Deere tractor pulling Ashland I-130 scraper