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New Toreq PTO Ditcher

Design Features and Specifications

Side Discharge of Spoil
Expels soil and debris clear of the waterway. Throws material away from operator and tractor. Spoil pileup or ridging is eliminated.

40 Inch Wheel With 2 or 4 Paddles
Highly efficient method of dispersing soil.

Replaceable Paddle Cutting Blades
Ease of Maintenance and cost effectiveness is achieved.

2 Coulters
Enables the ditcher to cut through any soil condition, crop residue and/or sod.

PTO Shaft Protection
Direct drive with PTO Protection uniquely engineered for increased longevity of both the tractor and the ditcher.

Hydraulically Operated Rear Gauge Wheel
Desired cutting depth is easily achieved and controlled by the operator.

Tractor Specs
To be used in conjunction with any 60-Plus horsepower tractor equipped with a three-point hitch and either 540 or 1000 PTO.

Equipped with a hinged shield for protection from moving parts.

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