New Burchland GSX130 Drive Over Truck Hopper

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New Burchland GSX130 Drive Over Truck Hopper.


  • Low mounted, removable tongue. Low, 7-3/8″ deck height that any truck and trailer can climb over.
  • The 48″ hopper opening allows you to fully open the trailer door without having to move the truck.
  • Heavy duty, greasable, 2″ cast steel flange discharge bearing.
  • Easy maintenance access to roller chain drive and bearings. Heavy duty, greasable, cast steel bearings.
  • 60″ ramps create a gentle slope so that any truck can climb. Spring loaded ramps are easy to lift.

The GSX’s extended tread plate platform leaves room to safely step across the hopper while the truck is parked over it. This leaves extra room to turn the trap door crank and extra room for a trailer that may not be perfectly straight behind the truck. Transport wheels and optional hydraulic lift are placed low and out of the way. This feature saves time and steps each time a truck is dumped.