New Ashland 2411E 24 Yd Scraper

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New Ashland 2411E, 24 yard direct mount scraper. (4) 23.5R25 radial tires.

Built for 450+HP tractors. Transport width of 11′ 11-3/8″.

Hitch System: The direct mount scraper 360-degree swivel hitch is closely coupled to the specialized tractor drawbar which provides better weight distribution between the tractor front and rear axles.

Front Hydraulic Plumbing: The weight of 3/4″ front hydraulic connecting hoses are supported by a spring-loaded hose carrier, providing an ideal coupler connection between the tractor and the scraper.  This reduces premature coupler wear and accidental coupler “pop-out” from hose weight or binding while operating. A thick rubber pad keeps the couples off the ground when the scraper is not in use.

Front Section: The backbone of the front section begins with the heavy wall 16″ pipe. This robust front section pipe reduces the high stresses experienced while loading, transporting, and lifting fully loaded scrapers. Large cast steel flanges, applied to the middle of the front section pipe, provide commonality of parts between multiple models. This offers more flexibility and increased efficiencies at the factory; more importantly, it gives the end-user excellent value for the dollar.

Easy Unloading: With spacious front openings and excellent ground clearance, material can exit the scraper unobstructed, which reduces double ejecting thicker material. Allowing the operator to place material exactly where it is needed, which increases your daily production.

Easy Loading: Ashland lowered the connecting point of the front section trailing arms to the scraper bowl down near the blade to provide easier pull while reducing duck-walking while loading. This allows the operator to maintain a higher loading speed and more constant tractor RPM which translates to larger payloads.

Hydraulic System: The Ashland E-Series Scrapers require three hydraulic remotes to operate the machines.  One circuit controls the lift cylinders. The second circuit controls the apron and the third circuit operates the ejector system.  This allows the operator full control of all the functions independently.

Wheel System: The multiple holes within the rear frame enable the operator to position rear axles in numerous positions. Select to place all the tires to be “in-line” for increased compaction or “offset” for better floatation and less mud build-up. So, regardless of your soil condition, there is a tire package available to keep you floating on the soil and moving forward.