New AGI Westfield WCX2 1500 Series FMD Conveyor – call to order

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New Westfield 1500 series FMD Conveyors feature:

  • 10″ Tube
  • 15″ Belt
  • Capacity up to 10,000 bph
  • 39′ 44′, 49′ lengths available

Drive Options:

  • S-Drive, Under mount or top mount gas drive with soft start electric Clutch
  • Electric

Optional Heavy-Duty Mover Kit

  • Single lift cylinder with supported heavy-duty slider for added rigidity and stability
  • Hydraulic joystick controlled 4-wheel steering for effortless maneuverability
  • Spring loaded walking axles to keep tires on the ground
  • 5″ wide all-terrain tires for added floatation to allow the unit to ride over rough terrain