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The Hopper Walker® is a 12-volt DC electric auger mover that mounts to your existing swing hopper. The Hopper Walker makes grain handling easier!

Choose from 3 models:

HM –  The HM, Hopper Walker® Manual, is a Joystick only model. It has 2 motors, two pneumatic tires, associated cables, and mounting hardware. Ask about our foam filled tire option.

H1 – With the H1 Model, we add one remote, work light, and motion beeper to the HM model. Position the hopper with the remote by pressing and holding the manual buttons. The auto buttons won’t function with the H1 model.

H2 – The H2 Model features everything in the H1 kit plus two stop sensors, a second remote, and the functionality of the auto buttons to allow for hands-free positioning of the hopper.

Give us a call to find out which model best suits your needs. 701-282-9194.