Hopper Walker®


Make grain handling easier and safer with the Hopper Walker, a wireless remote control system used to position your swing hopper.


Say goodbye to back pain from pushing and pulling your swing hopper. The Hopper Walker® is a 12 volt DC high torque electric auger mover that mounts to your existing swing hopper. Use the remote control to position the hopper under your truck from the comfort of your cab. Rust Sales, Inc. manufactures and distributes our Hopper Walker® models to more than 70 dealers across the U.S.

Hopper Walker in use

Why the Hopper Walker beats the competition:

Two automatic stops
You don’t have to hold the button down to keep your garage door moving,
why should you have to hold it down to keep your hopper moving?

Industrial remote control fits your hand
Have you ever tried to use a key fob with gloves?

Drive wheel located at best torque position, the outside of the hopper
If you’re using a hook or a rope, where do you attach it?

Three models to choose from
The right model to fit your budget.