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Crary Tile Pro Stringer Trailer

Crary Tile Pro Stringer Trailer


The Crary Tile Pro Stringer Trailer provides reliable, convenient transport of tile to and within the field.


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Standard Equipment:

•Walking Tandem AxleCrary Tile Pro Stringer Trailer

•Folding Wings

•Electric Hydraulic Pump & Cylinder

•Electric Brake for Spool Reel

•Manual Lock for Spool

•Electric Brake Control & Lift Switch with 20′ Rubber Cord

•11L-15 8 Ply Flotation Tires

•Tail Light Kit for On Road Travel

•Replaceable Spools

•Pin Hitch

Optional Equipment:

•Wireless Remote

Optional Stringer Trailer designs:

3-Point Model

Single Axle

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