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Toreq Scrapers

Toreq Scrapers


Steiger Manufacturing, Inc., producer of the Toreq Scrapers, is owned and operated by the same family that designed, engineered and manufactured one of the first 4-wheel drive agricultural tractors.  Just as they were committed to innovative designs, quality and durability when producing the tractor, they have extended this commitment with their production of the Toreq Earth Scraper.

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Rust Sales, Inc. is your Fargo, ND area Toreq scraper dealer.

Toreq Models:Toreq Scraper Specifications Chart

Toreq 6000 – 6 Yd. Capacity
Toreq 9000 – 9 Yd. Capacity
Toreq 10000D – 10 Yd. Direct Mount
Toreq 11500 – 11-1/2 Yd. Capacity
Toreq 13000 – 13 Yd. Capacity
Toreq 14000D – 14 Yd. Direct Mount
Toreq 16000 – 16 Yd. Capacity
Toreq 18000 – 18 Yd. Capacity

Toreq Scrapers

Toreq 9 Yd Scraper

Check out the Toreq Scraper Specifications Chart, then call our Sales Team at 800-478-7801 or 701-282-9194 for more information.