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Lasers & Receivers

Lasers and Receivers


Rust Sales, Inc. offers laser solutions for ditching, tiling, and more. 

For farm drainage, a typical laser system will include the transmitter (with grade rod, tripod and hand-held receiver), mast, scraper or tile plow receiver, in-cab display, and laser trailer.

Topcon RL-200 2S

Topcon RL-200 2S

CST/bergerRust Sales, Inc. offers laser transmitters from Geomax and Topcon with the most popular models being the Geomax  Zone60 DG and the Topcon RL 200-2S.

There are several laser receivers to choose from, and they are usually mounted on either a hydraulic or manual mast. In-cab displays are either indicate-only, or automatic control for the scraper or tile plow.

If you are using a back-hoe to install tile mains, the Leica MC200 Depthmaster is the solution for you. 

Another option for precise depth control is an RTK-GPS solution. You can use your own RTK-GPS, or Rust Sales, Inc. offers the Outback A631 base/rover package for depth control. These systems utilize both GPS and GLONASS positioning satellites. SD Drain water management software running on an in-cab display will automatically control your scraper or tile plow.

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