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April 2021 RUST SALES, INC. COVID-19 Statement

The growing season is here, so let’s stay healthy!

Rust Sales, Inc. would like you to know our covid guidelines to keep our employees and customers safe and healthy during this planting season and beyond.

Rust Sales, Inc. doors are open for on-site parts, sales, and service.  We are allowing customer service calls and we will come to your place to look at trades.  You need to be aware that we will be practicing the same procedures with you that we do with our fellow employees.  We ask you to please respect the social distancing boundaries, and if you are ill, please contact us so we can determine how to serve your needs.  This may include leaving parts in a specific location for drop-off, pick-up, or making sure you are not near the tractor or implement that is being serviced.

With regard to on-site service, we will be avoiding in-cab contact with customers.  For these situations, our technicians will install/troubleshoot issues in the cab without the customer present – wiping down the cab before and after while practicing social distancing.  When possible, we can remote log into your system to train or troubleshoot with our technicians either on-site or from Rust Sales, Inc.

Again, we are implementing these procedures to make sure both you and our staff will stay healthy during the growing season.  As circumstances change, we will adapt to best serve your needs.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.


Perry Rust
General Manager
Rust Sales, Inc.