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About Us


Rust Sales, Inc. History:

To learn about us, you need to go back to the 1960s-1970s. Warren Rust farmed near Prosper, ND, with his dad and brother. Warren loved to talk and was a natural salesman. So in addition to farming full time, he became a part-time salesman for Ray Perhus at Kindred Implement, the local John Deere dealer. Customers asked for more add-ons and shortlines, and a new business was born. Warren and his wife Gladys became a shortlines dealer, named “Rust Sales & Service”. Business was done by a handshake at their kitchen table or at the farmer’s home. The Rust family, including sons Dale, Perry, and Randy, continued to farm and help with the business.

Warren Rust partnered with Earl Christianson of C.I. Farm Power (which eventually became Titan Machinery) to become a Steiger Tractor dealer. In 1979, the business was incorporated and renamed Rust Sales, Inc. The business has stayed on the farm and the family remained farmers as well. Warren’s son Perry Rust became General Manager, a position he still holds today.

About Us: Rust Sales, Inc., Jan. 1995

Rust Sales, Inc. – Jan. 30, 1995

Since the beginning, Rust Sales, Inc. has always sold scrapers. In the early 1980s, the company turned its attention to lasers, drainage, machine control, and precision ag. It acquired NYB, Inc., a pick-up sprayer company, and became a fully authorized AGL Laser Service Center. 

Rust Sales, Inc. became one of the first auto steer dealers in the U.S. when they brought on the Beeline brand of cutting edge auto steer products from Australia in 2001. That, in turn, made Rust Sales, Inc. a Raven dealer. The company was ahead of its time by employing on-site GPS and laser technicians. In 2007, Rust Sales, Inc. purchased Hopper Walker® from the farmer who invented it. Rust Sales, Inc. now distributes to more than 70 Hopper Walker® dealers throughout the country.

Today, Rust Sales, Inc. is a growing company, located near Harwood, ND, (Northwest of Fargo, ND) on the original farmstead. The company boasts a modern 14,000 square foot facility housing a full range of sales and service centers. In addition to selling shortlines and implements, the company has grown into the development and distribution of precision ag products such as hydraulic valves for machine control, and is considered a leader in surface drainage.

Rust Sales, Inc. has a qualified team of industry specialists with in-depth knowledge to provide you with the proper Agricultural, Horticultural, Construction, and Survey solutions.